"I was not diagnosed with ADHD until a few months ago.  Being in my 30s and well along in my career, I was promoted to a new position as a project manager.  Shortly in to this transition I felt lost and that it was only a matter of time before people around me found out that I was not doing my job very well.  I was referred to Saul through a friend who had been to one of his workshops.   I will never forget one of the first things he told me.  He said he knew I was working hard and that he did not want me working harder...he wanted me working smarter.  He showed me a few simple tools and strategies to help me be more organized, manage my time better and modified the way I set up my work space.  Saul has helped me get a handle on my work and I know I am going to be able to surpass expectations."  Ben H.

You do not need to face your ADHD alone
be successful. be happy. be.

"Working with Saul has been enlightening.  I was discouraged when my daughter refused to try coaching to help her better manage her ADHD, but then Saul suggested that if she was unwilling, perhaps I could work with him to better understand her needs and support her as her father.  WOW!  What a difference this has made in our relationship.  The frustration has gone way down between us, and I have noticed that she actually seeks me out more often...no small miracle. " Kevin W.

"When we brought our son to Coach Saul we were feeling desperate.  Our son was basically failing his classes across the board and had become very irritable at home.  I cried myself to sleep countless nights praying for some answers.  Within 20 minutes of our first session with Saul, I could tell that my prayers had indeed been answered.  Saul through clear, direct explanation, demonstrated an understanding of what my family had been going through.  Over the next months Saul's work with our son has turned everything around.  My son by last report is getting all A's and one B, but more importantly he has regained his self confidence and is a pleasure to be around at home!"  Allison P.