"When the rules of the game are written such that I cannot win, I refuse to play that game.  However, I do not quit and I do not cheat, but I will rewrite the rules so that I can win.  I show my ADHD clients how to rewrite the rules for themselves so they too can win."   Coach Saul Tucker

Coach Saul Tucker

Coach Saul   is a Certified Professional Coach through The International Coach Academy, recognized as one of the top programs in the world.  He is a professional member of The International Coach Federation, ICF-Cleveland, the head coach at The Attention Center, Head of ADHD Coaching at ICA and a volunteer speaker for The American Cancer Society.  Saul has worked with many clients in the United States as well as Europe, Australia, Canada and Asia.  His clients have greatly benefited from his coaching philosophy of be successful.  be happy.  be.
be successful. be happy. be.
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